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Sometimes antivirus programs and firewalls aren’t enough.


Protect yourself against online fraud with Trusteer Rapport software.  It’s free security offered by North Cascades Bank.

Prevent malicious software and fraudulent websites from stealing your Online ID/User Name, Password/PIN, and other sensitive information. Protect your browser communication while using our site to keep malicious software from tampering with your transactions. Download your FREE Trusteer security software today!

When you logon to online banking, you’ll be prompted to download Trusteer.  It’s free and you’ll have an added layer of security.  You can also download it from this page.




Frequently Asked Questions
What is Trusteer Rapport?

Trusteer Rapport is a security software application that provides online transaction protection and protection from online identity theft for consumers. You can use Trusteer Rapport to protect your web browser sessions with any website that contains private or personal information.

Examples include:

  • Online bank accounts
  • Mutual fund accounts
  • Online brokerage accounts
  • Email (such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Gmail)
  • Social networking sites (such as Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, and Linkedin)
  • Insurance applications
  • Personal medical information
  • Online merchants (such as eBay, Amazon,, and

Trusteer is entirely transparent and does not require you to change the way you work or sign into these websites. It does not require any configuration or maintenance; you simply install and browse safely. Trusteer further protects specific identities and sessions.

How does it work?

Trusteer isolates your usernames and passwords so not only is your online banking protected, but when you install Trusteer on your computer, it may also help protect other logons, such as email, social media and online retailers.

  • Trusteer prevents malware and fraud sites from stealing your identity, information and passwords or tampering with transactions.
  • The download is quick and easy to install.
  • Trusteer is invisible. It doesn’t change the way you browse the Web or logon to any of your favorite sites.
  • The software works with all logons you set Trusteer to protect for even more peace of mind.
Who do I contact to get help with Trusteer?

You can get technical assistance directly from Trusteer.  A Trusteer representative will help you with any issues you may have with the product including, installation, uninstalling, functionality or troubleshooting issues.  Please visit

  1.  24/7 Online Chatting - This is similar to texting, but on your computer
  2. Submit a Ticket - You will need to know the following information:
  • Product = Trusteer Rapport
  • The name of your Anti-Virus software
  • Your Operating System (IE Windows: XP, 7 or Apple Tiger)
  • What browser you use (IE Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari)
  • Who the Trusteer solution is offered by = Glacier Bank
  • Who the solution is offered by = Glacier Bank
  • The name of your Anti-Virus software

        3. Request a Callback - You will need the following information

  • Who the solution is offered by = Glacier Bank
  • The type of Anti-Virus you are using

Where can I find more information about Trusteer Rapport?

Trusteer is an IBM company. It specializes in helping banks help their customers keep their online information safe. Trusteer doesn’t replace your antivirus software. It helps make your defenses better. If you have any questions, please come in, give us a call or send us an email. We appreciate your business and we’re committed to protecting your account.

For more details, click here to navigate to Trusteer's information site.

Please note: By downloading and installing Trusteer Rapport you agree with all the Trusteer terms and conditions. North Cascades Bank, Division of Glacier Bank, is not responsible for, nor do we guarantee, the content or services associated with this product.