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Debit cards aren't just easy to carry around, they're also convenient. You don't have to remember to take your checkbook with you (or convince an out-of-town merchant to accept your check). And when only cash will do, your card lets you refuel your wallet at literally hundreds of thousands of cash machines around the world.

With a VISA debit card, you can make purchases anywhere credit cards are accepted. When you use your debit card, the payment amount is deducted from your checking account. You won't get a big bill with interest charges or late fees at the end of the month. That's because you're actually paying immediately with funds from your checking account.

Come into one of our convenient branch locations today to apply for your debit card. We'll walk you through the application and answer any questions you may have, and you will be able to walk out with a brand new debit card, ready to use!



A VISA debit card provides several advantages over a credit card:

  • Obtaining a debit card is easier than getting a credit card.
  • With a debit card in your wallet, you don't have to carry a checkbook or large amounts of cash.
  • Debit cards are more readily accepted than checks, especially in other states or countries.
  • Using a debit card doesn't require you to show identification or give out personal information, which are usually required when you write a check.
  • You can use your debit card at an ATM when you need cash. You receive a detailed description of every card purchase and cash withdrawal from an ATM on your monthly checking statement for easy record keeping.


To report a card lost or stolen, call 1.866.546.8273.

Once you have reported your card lost or stolen, visit your local branch or call 1.800.603.9342 to order a new card.